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Edgar Allan Poe: Selected Poetry and Tales

Edgar Allan Poe's stories and poems are among the most haunting and indelible in American literature, but critics for decades persisted in seeing Poe as an anomaly, or even an anachronism. His works, with their bizarrely motivated…
Old English Poetry.jpg

Old English Poetry

R.M. Liuzza's Broadview edition of Beowulf was published at almost exactly the same time as Seamus Heaney's; in reviewing the two together in July 2000 for The New York Review of Books, Frank Kermode concluded that both translations…

The Broadview Introduction to Literature: Poetry – Second Edition

Designed for courses taught at the introductory level in Canadian universities and colleges, this new anthology provides a rich selection of literary texts. Unlike many other such anthologies, it includes literary non-fiction as well as…